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Morgan D. Hill has had a long career in various businesses and currently owns a retirement planning company headquartered in Georgia that serves clients across the country.


Morgan’s journey includes years away from the Lord as well as a return to his faith, with service to others in many different capacities.  Whether serving on boards of different domestic and international ministries, serving in prisons, or discipling young men, his heart to serve the Lord becomes stronger with every passing year.

In Morgan’s first book, What Does it Profit A Man, he describes his life choices that changed from material gain to returning to God’s word.  In his second book, Open the Floodgates, he describes how business profits can and should be used to help others and further the Kingdom. As his faith grew, he found himself called near and far by serving locally and internationally. His passion to serve others in the Lord only continues to grow.

In Morgan’s newest book, Go Therefore and Make Disciples, he encourages all of us to be a part of fulfilling the Great Commission.

Morgan is married to Holly, his wife and business partner. In their free time, they enjoy travel and outdoor activities.

Morgan’s books are available for sale or download.  He welcomes questions and feedback at

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